Allowing NerdHost to Manage Your Services

NerdHost is proud to be an OVH Partner. If you've been directed to this article, it is likely because you have been introduced by OVH to one of our team who is going to take over support for your service. This may be a one-off support session or for on-going support.

This article will show you step-by-step how to provide NerdHost access to an individual service within your OVH manager.

NOTE: These steps must be completed for each service you wish for NerdHost to be able to manage.

STEP ONE: Log in to your OVH Manager account. You can click here to go there now. (Opens in a new window)

STEP TWO: Click "Manage Contacts" which can be found at the top right corner of your service as shown in the image below.

OVH Manager

STEP THREE: Next to your service in the table shown, click the 'Pencil' icon. It looks like this... A pencil, allowing editing. - You'll then be able to edit the fields that appear to the left.

STEP FOUR: You need to update the field under "Technical Contact" and replace the current value with our NIC-Handle. Our NIC-Handle is bp210730-ovh. Click the tick icon to the right to save the changes.

STEP FIVE: You'll recieve an email, asking you to confirm the change. Please click the link within this email where it will take you to the "My Requests" screen. You will then need to click the "Cog" icon to the right of the service, click "Accept" and click "Confirm" on the box which will pop up. As soon as we also confirm the change on our side, we will have access to your service until you follow this procedure again to revoke our access.

Please repeat these steps as many times as required until all services you wish for us to manage have been allocated to us under Technical Contact. You have the right as the Administration Contact and Billing Contact to remove our access at any time.

For further support with this feature of the OVH Manager, please contact OVH directly.

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